Panel moving forward with road fix

Anthony Cloud Staff Writer

September 18, 2013

The Bell County School Board took steps to fix the road slide at Bell Central during their regular meeting on Tuesday. The board authorized Roland Mueller, RossTarrant architect, to work alongside S&ME to help design a project to fix the road.

Board chairman Kenneth Sams also said he would send Mueller the necessary measurements for the road so a retaining wall could be designed.

During the meeting, Craig Lee from S&ME was present to explain what was causing the road to slide and what would be the most cost effective way to fix the problem.

In a report given by Lee, he said steeply sloping rock surface, presence of weak colluvium on the slope and subsurface water within the colluvium is what caused the road to slide. The bedrock beneath the roadway drops off steeply moving from east to west.

The report states the break in the pavement shows the approximate transition between the near level bedrock and the steeply sloping bedrock.

“The good thing that came out of our work is that you’re not going to experience slide uphill more than you already have,” said Lee.

Lee said the most cost effective way to fix the sliding problem would be to relocate the road onto the bench. This would also mean the guardrail and storm sewer would also have to be moved.

There would also be a retaining wall constructed for the project. Lee said the further the road could be moved, the shorter the wall would have to be. His report states the project would require a 400 feet long wall to support the roadbed materials.

The project would prevent anymore short, shallow failures from occurring, but the bottom of the hill would not be addressed.

S&ME has performed several jobs that were similar to the Bell Central road project including the relocation of an access road and taxiway extension at the Pike County Airport, a U.S. 460 slide correction project in Elkhorn City, the Dolwick Drive extension in Kenton County and KY 9 (Licking Pike) new highway in Wilder.

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