Lending a helping hand

Anthony Cloud Staff Writer

October 16, 2013

In today’s world, the thought of anything free is unheard of. One crew from the Cumberland Gap National Park did not get the memo. On Tuesday, Steve Powers, Steve Lewis, Mike Fitzpatrick and Forrest Howard helped the parents of a fellow park member by putting a new roof on their house.

The four aforementioned individuals put a roof on the house of Bobby and Phillis Brown. The crew did the project for free.

“We greatly appreciate it,” said Steve Brown, who is the son of Bobby and Phillis Brown and a fellow park employee. “You can’t find anybody in this day and time and economy that will come down and put a roof on for free.”

Powers said the crew had been working on the house, which is located on south 20th Street, for two days. He said in the summer Steve Brown had told them about his mom being sick and the crew offered to come and put the roof on the house once Steve Brown got the metal.

The project was done on their own time.

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