Board hears restroom break complaint

Anthony Cloud Staff Writer

November 20, 2013

The Bell County School Board heard from a concerned citizen about the Bell Central School Center’s restroom policy during the regular meeting on Tuesday.

Gail Bush said she had spoken with Superintendent Yvonne Gilliam and Principal Greg Wilson this year and last year about students being allowed to go to the bathroom during class.

She said the first time they went to the school to meet with the student’s teacher, the little girl’s mother told the teacher to let her daughter go to the bathroom when she needs to go.

Bush alleges this has not been taking place.

“I don’t think these children have enough guile, at that age, to say I need to go,” said Bush. “They are wetting themselves.”

Bush said the student described the experience vividly to her.

“I would not hire somebody to take care of my children that refused them the dignity of going to the bathroom,” said Bush.

Gilliam said she spoke with Wilson about the situation and he addressed it with his teachers.

“He went door to door to each one of his teachers to make sure that didn’t happen again,” said Gilliam.

Bush also claimed when children are in detention they lose their bathroom privileges all together.

“If you’re in detention, you can’t even go (to the bathroom),” said Bush. “These children need to be refreshed.”

Bush said there has not been any problems since she spoke with Gilliam, but felt she needed to come and address the board.

The student, who was in attendance, said she enjoyed attending Bell Central.

“If there’s problems up there, we’re going to try to fix them,” Gilliam said to the little girl. “We’ve got 3,000 students and seven schools, and we do have a few problems that we have to fix. It’s young people like you that make us a better school system.”

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