Region, state have ‘light’ forest fire season

Jeff Phillips Staff Writer

December 5, 2013

Kentucky Division of Forestry officials are reporting a light fall fire season as a result of the wet weather across the Commonwealth. That trend should continue with significant rainfall predicted today through Monday.

Jennifer Turner, public information officer for the Kentucky Division of Forestry said, “It has been a very light fire seasons. Ideally, our fall fire season goes through Dec. 15.

Statewide, 187 fires have been reported scorching 4,910 acres of land.

Through Tuesday, Bell County had recorded five fires that burned 159 acres. Only eight fires reported in Harlan County had burned 219 acres. Figures for both counties appear lower than normal.

Residents are prohibited from burning within 150 feet of woodlands between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. from Oct. 1 through Dec. 15, Turner said.

“It has been a really, really light year,” she said.

Forestry officials remind everyone to be careful with outdoor fire any time of the year, but especially during the wildfire seasons when the risk of a fire escaping is greatest. If a fire does escape, immediately contact the local fire department or Division of Forestry office. An escaped wildfire, even one burning in grass or weeds, is dangerous.