Listen to the words in the songs

Tim Mills Until Then

December 22, 2013

It is Christmastime and there is nothing like singing carols or the songs of the season. For those of you who say “Wait, I can’t sing”, okay please whistle your holiday joys to those you are around and passing by as you walk, traveling and move. If you are someone who says, “Sorry I can’t even whistle”, then please hum loudly or grab a kazoo. A kazoo will be annoying but don’t worry it will be tolerable since this is the Christmas season.

I love music, I love the carols and the hymns of faith that describe the anticipation of the birth of the baby Jesus into the world, and I love the songs of expression because of his birth. I can get really excited singing “Joy to the world—the Lord has come.” A great hymn of faith that the long awaited answer or solution to our problems had finally arrived. If you want to do something different with that song I strongly recommend you keep the tune as it is and just replace the words with the words from Amazing Grace. The tune and words fit perfectly and you might just create a new family tradition with this rendition of song and music.

Sometimes if we are not careful in the hustle of the season we can get in the habit of just singing the songs and not taking time to reflect upon the words. Each year I discover another truth that for whatever reason had passed me by previously. There are several phrases from songs that can be very powerful tools that we can individually use to strengthen our personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Take for instance the phrase “His law is love and His gospel is peace..” Immediately upon hearing that line I am struck by how easy it seems for Christians to get lost in what we should be about and how the world should perceive us as Christians.

Being a Christian that demonstrates love can be challenging, but it should be something that is very easy to flip the switch on too. We should be described as a people of love. Imagine what would happen in our churches if we made love the staple of our work, and profession in Him. Don’t just think about the impact of that type of demonstration of love in the church, but think about what would happen outside the church. This, my friend is where the work remains to be completed. Think about that express his gospel is peace.

Let’s look at this happening just inside the church. I’ve witnessed those who serve as pastor and other leadership positions be asked to leave, or as we say “run off.” What would happen of the gospel of peace was the rule of thumb for whatever the situation? Now we are taking a totally different attitude, reaction and response. I venture to say fewer churches would be ‘splitting’ and agreeing to disagree with a commitment to get His will done would totally change our churches on the inside.

In Christendom we often find those depressed, or maybe I should say oppressed, but nevertheless we find Christians that are defeated, unable to smile and have lost their hope and by their actions many times their faith it appears. There is a phrase in our Christmas tunes that says because Jesus Christ came “the soul felt its worth.”

WOW, forgive me if the words appearing on this page appear to be preaching, but please note my words are preaching in attitude for sure! How about our souls feeling their worth? How many times in the last 39 days did you need to feel worthy? How many times in the last 45 days have you felt lost or displaced in the scheme of things? I am totally confident that individuals reading this newspaper column right now need to feel more “self-worth”. We need to be reminded, inside ourselves, that the Master and Creator has a plan for our lives. There is a purpose for things and we need to work to be alert to spot this opportunity to fill up our personal energy tanks and our spirit tanks with worth! Only Jesus Christ is able to provide you, me, we, us with worth. Worth can only be given away by someone that is worthy.

This Christmas I want to encourage you to read the words you are singing or to thing about the expressions you are hearing. It is more than likely possible you will pick up something that will change you all-together and completely.

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