State’s health coverage enrollment passes 116,000

Associated Press

January 1, 2014

FRANKFORT (AP) — More than 116,000 Kentuckians have enrolled for medical coverage through the state-operated insurance marketplace.

Gov. Steve Beshear’s office said Monday that since Thanksgiving week, enrollments through Kentucky’s health insurance website are up nearly 93 percent. Thousands of Kentuckians made final decisions about their health care plans by Dec. 23, the deadline to ensure coverage starting New Year’s Day.

People who enrolled in private insurance plans are being urged to pay their first premiums by their insurer’s deadline to ensure coverage begins promptly. Payments must be received by Jan. 7.

As of late Monday morning, the state says 84,480 people had enrolled in Medicaid and 31,672 in private health insurance plans.

Enrollment continues through March 31. Those applying over the next couple of weeks can have coverage starting as soon as Feb. 1.

Reports from the state governor’s website states on Dec. 12, 836 individuals in Bell County had signed up for insurance through Kynect. The majority of those individuals were between the ages of 45 and 54. Adults who were 65 or older used the website the least in the county.

Of the 836 individuals who signed up for insurance using Kynect, 735 were enrolled in Medicaid and Auto Select. There were 21 individuals who enrolled in a qualified health plan without an advance premium tax credit and 80 who enrolled in a qualified health plan with an advance premium tax credit.