Girl Scout cookies teach business, money skills

By Kelsey Gerhardt kgerhardt@civitasmedia.com

February 26, 2014

Girl Scouts are bringing back their annual cookie sale campaign just in time for spring.

As Girls Scouts sell cookies, you will see them wearing badges across their sash which coordinate with specific skills and lessons they have learned while scouting including camping, local government, plant and wildlife habitat identification and public speaking.

These cookies do more than just satisfy your sweet tooth. The money raised goes to support the national organization, provide educational study materials for the girls and teach the Scouts money skills and how to count correct change.

Girl Scout Troop 20570 and Service Unit 219 Leaders Dr. Aggy Vanderpool and Jamie Vanover-Fischer stressed that when younger girls join Girls Scouts it is neat to teach girls and watch them learn budgeting skills. As they grow up, they can see the girls use the skills as older scouts in different ways.

“The girls as a troop have to prioritize how their money is spent. They decide how to split up their money between fun and community service and choose how they want to allocate their funds. The older girls can do this on their own and it’s interesting to see them grow and make these decisions,” said Vanderpool.

The scouts are learning important life-long business, money and social skills at a young age with a little help from Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties.

Girls Scout cookies can be purchased at several local stores throughout the area. Because the scouts rely on their cookie sales for the majority of their funding, they also rely on help from volunteers to interact with the scouts during regular meetings.

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