Fiscal court approves contract with BCVFD

By Anthony Cloud acloud@civitasmedia.com

June 10, 2014

The Bell County Fiscal Court officially approved a new contract with the Bell County Volunteer Fire Department during their regular meeting on Tuesday. The two sides agreed to the contract verbally a couple days after the previous fiscal court meeting in May.

Within the contract it states the BCVFD agrees to provide fire protection for the unincorporated areas of Bell County excluding the territory currently served by the Frakes Volunteer Fire Department. It also states the fire department agrees to operate fire companies in Arjay, Brownies Creek, Calloway, Clear Creek, Colmar, East Pineville, Fourmile and Right Fork.

“The Bell County Volunteer Fire Department Inc. agrees to keep the fire companies in these communities open and at no time close them while this agreement is in place,” the contract states. “The Bell County Volunteer Fire Department must open all stations that are currently closed within 60 days of the signing of this contract.”

According to the contract, the fiscal court agrees to provide the BCVFD funding for necessary and legal purchases approved by the fiscal court to all the fire department to provide fire protection. The fire department must provide any paperwork or proof requested by the Bell County Treasurers Office or required by the Kentucky State Auditor’s Office for property purchased with or reimbursed by funds provided by the fiscal court.

“The Bell County Volunteer Fire Department Inc. must only use the funds provided by the Bell County Fiscal Court for the fire protection of the citizens of Bell County and for no other reason,” the contract states.

In regards to equipment and property, the BCVFD agrees that all property purchased with funds received from the Bell County Fiscal Court is property of the Bell County citizens, according to the contract. The fire department agrees that if it desires to transfer and/or sell property purchased with funds from the fiscal court, it must receive permission from the fiscal court.

“All the proceeds from the sell or transfer of these properties are to be considered under the same scrutiny and regulations as funds/property received directly from the Bell County Fiscal Court,” the contract states.

In addition to approving the contract with the BCVFD, the fiscal court also approved payment of $7,474.13 to the fire department for operating expenses.

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