Spay Day USA is coming up

Special to the Daily News

Friends of the Bell County Animal Shelter want to bring focus to Spay Day USA, Feb. 28.

The Humane Society of the United States website says state the following about Spay Day USA: “This annual campaign shines a spotlight on the power of spay/neuter surgery to save the lives of companion animals, community cats and street dogs.”

They also explain that spay/neuter surgery can be the single best decision a pet owner can make for their pet for a number of reasons.

Both neutered males and spayed females live longer that those animals that have not had surgery. This may be due to the tendency of unaltered pets to roam, which exposes them to fighting, being struck by vehicles and other accidents.

Medical evidence also indicates that male pets that are neutered may have lower risks of prostate cancer, and are not at risk for testicular cancer. Spaying and neutering pets should also reduce urine marking.

Spay/neuter reduces the number of unwanted litters of cats and dogs, further reducing the number of homeless animals in the community.

Friends of the Bell County Animal Shelter believe that spaying/neutering saves lives, and reduces the homeless animal population. To that end, Friends has a Spay Neuter Assistance Program for low income pet owners in Bell County (SNAP).

During 2016, with the help of the Bell County Fiscal Court, Two Maud’s’ Foundation, fundraisers and donations from supporters, Friends provided funding for 341 spay/neuter surgeries.

Special to the Daily News

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