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Robert Morton Columnist

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I like to text, it’s easy and quick most of the time. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the new language that goes along with texting; you know, the abbreviations that people use instead of typing out actual words. It’s good because it makes texting easier but sometimes you run across a few acronyms you just don’t know.

Here are a few examples:

ESO means Equipment Smarter than Operator (I can relate to this one!)

FMTYEWTK means Far More Than You Ever Wanted To Know

My favorite, though is RUMCYMHMD — Are You on Medication Cause You Must Have Missed a Dose.

Communication can be difficult at best if we’re not speaking the same language.

The church that wants to shine God’s love into its’ community must do a good job of communicating God’s Word. That can be hard because God’s Word is amazingly simple (love your neighbor as you love yourself) and yet amazingly complex at the same time (the trinity).

The Bible is the truth and the church needs to be expert at communicating it. Our culture tells us that there is no absolute truth. Everything is relative; there are no real moral absolutes. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong because there is no way of determining what is actually true.

God tells us differently. God tells us that the Bible is true and it cannot be changed.

There are many today who want the scripture to become culturally relevant. They seek to change the message of the Bible to fit what they think is socially acceptable and politically correct. This is a mistake. Culture does not determine truth. Truth is universal regardless of culture.

Our children and grandchildren suffer because they have no absolute foundation upon which to base their lives. They are being taught that the Bible is no different than any other “religious” book and its’ message is being watered down. It is seen as a guideline at best. As a result they have no moral compass. This has bred an “anything goes” attitude.

Because our sense of truth has been so eroded we see disgusting displays of vulgarity from young pop stars who our kids want to emulate. Sex is the new god because its’ proper place within a loving marriage commitment is seen as old fashioned and stifling.

Pornography is rampant because of this attitude. It is reducing men and women to nothing more than objects of pleasure rather than human beings with dignity and feelings.

Our nation is suffering because our definition of right and wrong has been so seriously undermined and the Bible is seen as outdated, old fashioned, and its’ authority has been replaced with moral relativity.

We need the truth of God’s Word more than ever today.

When we open the Bible we open a miracle. The Bible was written over the course of 1500 years from Moses writing the first five books of the Bible in the 1400’s BC to John writing Revelation around 95 AD. It is God’s message to all of us. It is His very mind and heart given to us in written form. No other book should hold a higher place in our lives that this one.

The church must teach the Bible without shame as the very Word of God. To shine as God desires the church must believe in the authority of the Bible and it must be devoted to teaching it with authority, accuracy, relevance, and in a way that can be understood by all.

Robert Morton is pastor of First Christian Church in Middlesboro.

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