Illegal dumps have no place in county, state

Kentucky is a truly beautiful state.

We are blessed with beautiful streams, rivers and lakes, pristine forests and thousands of acres of farmland. It could be argued that Kentucky is one of the prettiest states in the union.

Given Kentucky’s beauty, it really makes one wonder why a select few would choose to litter the beautiful countryside. It is beyond our comprehension why anyone would be so lazy as to dump their garbage and other junk in nature, where it doesn’t belong.

Those who do this obviously don’t care what effects their illegal acts have on the land, how long it will take for it to disappear, what hazardous chemicals are seeping into our groundwater, how this could potentially lower people’s property values and what it will ultimately cost the taxpayers to pay for cleanup.

Each year, environmental officials and citizens find dozens of illegal dumps in Warren County. It’s disturbing to hear, but unfortunately it is a reality that we live among those who can’t dispose of their trash like everyone else does.

Recently, several dumps were discovered on North Campbell, Slim Island and McGinnis roads. Officials also found a dump beside Massey Road, although they don’t believe it is connected to the other dumps.

These dumps contained standard garbage bags and some consisted of dozens of discarded tires.

Environmental officials said the dumps included about 100 tires total that were used for regular consumer vehicles and semi-trucks.

It’s important to note that several times a year the county offers locations where people can drop off unwanted tires. This would be a much more viable, safer alternative than dumping them illegally.

Officials working the Massey Road area said that while going through the garbage, they found out who had discarded it.

The person said she had not had trash collection since January 2015.

We understand that times are hard for some people, but if you can’t afford trash collection, at least attempt to make arrangements with a family member, friend or neighbor to dispose of the trash properly.

In Warren County, not having trash collection is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 a day.

Those who have been given adequate notice to have their trash collected and don’t abide by it need to be fined.

This is a serious health issue as well. When you create unsanitary conditions like this by dumping trash, you are inviting rodents, varmints and insects and bacteria that breed and make people sick.

We don’t want that happening to anyone, which is why we urge everyone to take a few minutes out of their days and dispose of their trash in a responsible manner.

This doesn’t seem to be asking too much.

Bowling Green Daily News

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