The seeds of frustration

Tim Mills - Until then

Frustration is a challenging obstacle and I don’t know of a single moment in my life where frustration was my friend. When I consider moments that I’ve had to face frustration I have discovered that even admitting the situation can be a real challenge. No one likes to raise their hand and say please identify me as someone who is struggling with an issue or situation and then compound the matter by adding I am ready to surrender to frustration.

Most everyone I know, including me, likes to see themselves as a strong individual. We like to put off this image that demonstrates confidence and even no fear. Frustration from being at the mercy or grace of others is not a slice of humble pie but rather cases that can be difficult to process. This situation becomes complicated if the “others” are individuals that enjoy seeing you bend beneath the load and enjoy observing the discomforts of your pain, stress and challenges.

Seeds of frustration are easily planted into our lives when we acknowledge we have no control of outcomes nor are we able to direct or steer situations. Medical issues have been my frustration currently, while others may identify from an array of topics, situations and even people who have planted seeds of frustration into our lives that require us to handle properly in order to move forward.

In offering a solution I am tempted to write the words of “What a friend we have in Jesus.” The words of the song would be a strong display of confidence, but it lacks in this situation the honesty that best properly reflects the situation when we admit that frustration has the upper hand. The perfect song is this one:

Precious Lord, take my hand

Lead me on, let me stand

I am tired, I am weak, I am worn

Through the storm, through the night

Lead me on through the light

Take my hand, precious Lord

And lead me home

When my way grows dreary

Precious Lord, lead me near

When my life is almost gone

At the river I will stand

Guide my feet, hold my hand

Take my hand, precious Lord

And lead me home.

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Tim Mills

Until then

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